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Our mission is to provide comprehensive education in the craft of painting and design. The School of Applied Arts offers individual courses and a three year design program using the materials, tools and skills of painting while training in techniques such as: Ornamental painting, Illusionary & Representational Art, Portrait painting, Surfaces, Restoration and Mimicry.

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Top News June 25, 2017

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The School of Applied arts has a new store for painters called The Black Box

Did you know...

The School of Applied Arts Work Program has helped students to pay for more than half of their tuition in the last two years. SAA students loans are granted by the school directly and tuition is deferred until after graduation. Students also are presented options to pay off their students loans with other fundraising means that in turn aids in the school growth.

Latest student work

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SAA Student Jon Smith has just completed a 19th century French "block print" style mural in a residence here in Denver. Working with the client took a great intellectual skill set to decisively match the clients perception of beauty to a mural that could have the same felt emotions by other viewers. Jon Smith hit his design target right on and produced a mural of a subtle and stunning beauty that simultaneously conveyed an understanding of the simplicity of modern values.

The School of Applied Arts is a 501c3 non-profit school EIN 20-4025519