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January 2007

House That Faux Built in Colorado

news Colorado’s Paulette Piazza, who collaborated on the project “House That Faux Built” has arranged for Guiry’s Paint and Wallpaper to carry the book of the same name. This coffee book style book includes photos, closeups, and a general description of how each project was done. It is not available in book stores, but must be special ordered. Kudos to Paulette for placing it in Guiry’s! The book has an excellent repertoire of decorative finishers and displays some fabulous work, all of which was donated to fund Habitat for Humanity. Be sure to pick up a copy at one of the 7 locations of Guiry’s across Colorado.

The House That Faux Built has a new project underway! The next edition of the book is already in the planning stages and will involve a stunning makeover of a condo in Keystone, Colorado by André Martinez and the School of Applied Arts. It will focus on making small spaces appear larger with the magic of decorative painting. Artists looking to participate may contact him at the School of Applied Arts in Denver, CO.
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