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November 2006

Andre Martinez featured in Faux Finisher Magazine


"The Perfect Blend" article by: Wendy Grosenbach

School of Applied Arts Principal Instructor Andre Martinez, featured in the Fall 2006 issue of the Faux Finisher. Here are some excerpts from the article.

The first time I met Andre’ Martinez was in 1991, he was working on a custom piece of jewelry, a necklace crafted with an arrow head that he found in the Platte river in Colorado. The arrowhead could have been hundreds of years old, but Andre’ incorporated it into the design of his necklace like it was brand new. That kind of blending is nothing new to Andre’; he’s been crafting multimedia things his entire life.

His pursuit of knowledge is evident in his teaching style at the School of Applied Arts.
"I will answer any question about any subject to keep my students passionate about learning. If a question arises for which I don’t know the answer, I won’t stop until I’ve tracked it down," Andre’ comments. That tenacity has pushed Andre’ to the forefront of the industry, leading the way in developing new ways of thinking about decorative painting as a career.

Andre is committed to helping elevate the decorative painting industry and feel’s that each painter’s work is a reflection of the entire industry as a whole. He takes his responsibility seriously, and that is why he is an active member of the decorative painting community and is serving as the education chair of the PDPA.

"Giving back is really what it’s all about," Andre’ explains. "My educational experience exposed the pros and cons of traditional education venues. Creative thinkers are too often overlooked in the classroom setting: art budgets shrinking by the millions, teachers scolding ‘Stop doodling, Sam!’ The business of decorative painting is definitely a class you’ll never find on the high school elective list. Yet there are artists all over the world who are successful in business and in life."

Andre continues to accomplish new things. Throughout his life, he has learned a great deal from master craftsman, but he also learns from his peers, students, his children and everything around him. He continues to incorporate his knowledge and experience into his craft. His future is equally as exciting and promising, with a great deal of development and innovation underway. Andre’s dedication to the education of higher standards for the industry of decorative painting ensures that his mark will be left on the trade through the accomplishments of his students.

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