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More about the school

What do we do?

We teach classes to people interested in pursuing the quest of becoming not just successful but the best decorative painters they can be.

What is our objective?

To provide people with the education that it takes to be monetarily successful decorative painters.

About the Faux Painting School & Faux Finish School

What does this mean for you?

If you are a decorative painter, it means that you acquire a resource that is dedicated to providing you with an education that equips you with commercially viable skills and the support you need to build or improve your decorative painting business.

How do you achieve success?

Our instructors are successfully practicing in the field of decorative painting and share their working examples of successful business practices with you.Innovation comes from the craftspeople, and is a result of engagement in a community of successful leaders sharing their knowledge with students.

What about help outside of class?

We provide the best support system for our students in the world. We currently offer an online system through the School of Applied Arts web site and an Alumni Program that supplies real time solutions to students with real time problems. This program empowers students by imparting them with the tools essential to prosper as professionals, and bolsters our educational platform as we examine studentsí needs and improve our support system accordingly.

What tools are available for students after school?

Published online is the Craftsman's Handbook, an interactive learning tool. It is the worlds first and only dynamic reference for decorative painting students. Growing every day with new entries, the Craftsman's Handbook is an online encyclopedia for decorative painters.

The SAA Online Forum is an online resource for students who need immediate assistance with any subject. Instructors, as well as alumni, frequent the forum, and answer questions ranging from business to technique.

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