213-F Business/Marketing I : School of Applied Arts : Denver, CO
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213-F Business/Marketing I

Next Class: Jan 19th 2007; Apr 20th 2007; July 20th 2007


Class description
213-F Business/Marketing I This is the first of two marketing classes offered by the School of Applied Arts. Being a successful decorative painter takes more than just painting and glazing. Business and Marketing are an extremely important tool in creating your business and reaching out to the public to let them know who you are and what services you offer. Understanding how to effectively market yourself, your business will one of the determining factors to your success. In this one-day class you will learn how to network, get referrals, and promote your decorative painting business. Overall, you will understand the mechanisms for successful marketing.
Subjects to be covered (lecture)
Networking 2 hrs

Business protocol

Getting Referrals 2hrs

Promotion 2 hrs

Mechanisms for Marketing 2 hrs
Materials and tools required

André Martinez
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