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205-F Color Craft

Next Class: Mar 26th 2007; June 25th 2007; Sept 24th 2007


Class description
205-F Color Craft Have you ever wondered where a color comes from or struggled trying to match a color? In this class you will learn the secrets of working with color. As a craftsperson, having hands on experience is what it takes to really learn how to manipulate color. The objective in this one-day course is to teach you the origins and classification of widely used pigments. The course will further supplement your knowledge base by demonstrating the dispersion rates of pigments. You will have a solid understanding of dyes, stains, and the ability to manufacture paint. This will allow you to incorporate raw pigments into your decorative finishes. Plus, hands-on excercises will help develop your color matching skills.
"Knowing the origin of color and knowing how it interacts with other mediums comes before innovation."
-André Martinez
Subjects to be covered (lecture)
Pigment origin 2 hrs

Classification 1 1/2 hr

Pigment dispersion 1/2 hr
Techniques to be covered (hands on)
pigment washes 1 hr

Dyes 1/2 hr

Stains 1/2 hr

Making paint 2 hr
Materials and tools required

Bright Earth, by Philip Ball
André Martinez
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