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426-C Italian Ornament (Grotessca)

Next Class: Feb 5th-7th 2007


Class description
426-C Italian Ornament (Grotessca) "Grotesque: A style of decorative painting, engraving, sculpture and ornamental work in with fantastic human and animal figures combined with leaf and flower forms interlaced in ornate curvilinear..." (Ralph Mayer)In this three day class you will learn how to paint in this style. You will create a plaster substrate and transfer a grotesque pattern. Then you will hand paint the polychromatic ornament with acrylic mediums and distress it. You will conduct hands-on exercises to to develop and refine your techniques.
Subjects to be covered (lecture)
Italian Ornament Lecture 1 hr

Composition 1 hr
Techniques to be covered (hands on)
Plastering 1 hr

Transfering 1 hr

Polychromatic Painting 19 hr

Distressing 1 hr
Materials and tools required


Plastering Trowels

Oil and Waterborne Glazing and Painting Tools

Oil and Waterborne Artist Brushes

Nicola Vigini
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