329-C Stenciling II : School of Applied Arts : Denver, CO
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329-C Stenciling II

Next Class: Mar 19th 2007; July 16th 2007; Nov 19th 2007


Class description
329-C Stenciling II This one day course is designed to take your basic stenciling skills to the next level. You will create a robust portfolio of stenciling techniques. You will start out with learning how to create trompe l'oeil illusions using stencils. You will learn how to capitalize on crisp lines and edges that are created with stencils for highlights and shadows. You will understand how to use underpainting when using stenciling techniques. You will perform a series of hands-on stenciling exercises to further develop and refine your intermediate stenciling techniques.
Subjects to be covered (lecture)
Creating Dimension with Stenciling 1 1/2 hr

Highlights and Shadows 1 1/2 hr

Underpainting with Stencils 1 1/2 hr
Techniques to be covered (hands on)
Stenciling Exercises 3 1/2hr
Materials and tools required


Oil and Waterborne Glazing and Painting Tools

Oil and Waterborne Artist Brushes

Stenciling Brushes
André Martinez
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