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226-C Hand Painted Paper

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Class description
226-C Hand Painted Paper Whoever said you had to just paint walls? Why not finish paper and then apply it to any surface you like? In decorative painting, there is an art form called decoupage. This means to glue torn paper to different surfaces for decoration. In this two-day class you will learn many different ways to hand paint, and even plaster paper, and how to adhere it to walls. (Or better yet, you paint it and have someone else hang it!) From this course, you will learn and understand adhesives; mediums; composition; movement and its emotional response; sealing and protecting; painting papers; glazing papers; plastering papers; stenciling on paper; top coats. Plus, you will conducts hands-on exercises to develop and refine skills and techniques.
Subjects to be covered (lecture)
Principles of Decoupage 1 hr

Adhesives1 hr

Mediums 1 hr

Composition hr

Movement and its' Emotional Response 2 hr
Techniques to be covered (hands on)

Sealing and Protecting 2 hr

Painting Papers 2 hr

Glazing Papers 1 hr

Plastering Papers 1 hr

Stenciling on Paper 3 hr

Top Coats hr
Materials and tools required


Oil and Waterborne Glazing and Painting Tools
André Martinez
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