Class title

227 Gilding I

Next Class: June 12th/August 14th/October 9th


Class description
227 Gilding I The art of gilding is a specialized craft in and of itself. This three-day class will explore the techniques of applying thin leaves of gold, copper, or aluminum to a variety of decorative objects, furniture, and various surfaces. By the end of the class, you will understand the history of gilding; leaf types; gilding tools; transfer leaf; silver and aluminum techniques; gold, and Dutch gold techniques; exterior gilding; and adhesives. Plus, you will conduct hands-on exercises to develop and refine gilding skills and techniques.
Subjects to be covered (lecture)
History of Gilding 1 hr

Leaf Types 1 hr

Gilding Tools 1 hr

Transfer Leaf 1 hr

Silver and Aluminum Techniques 1 hr

Gold, Dutch Gold, Composition Techniques 2 hrs

Exterior Gilding Techniques 1 hr

Gilding Adhesives 2 hrs
Techniques to be covered (hands on)

Gilding Exercise 14 hrs
Materials and tools required


Latex Gloves

Gilding Tools

Oil and Waterborne Glazing and Painting Tools
André Martinez
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