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325-C Faux Fresco

Next Class: Dec 11th-15th 2006


Class description
325-C Faux Fresco The ancient fresco paintings that are still in existence today have a patina that is thousands of years old. This look can be easily imitated with paint and plaster using distressing techniques. In this five day class you will learn how to make all of your ornament, portraiture, and landscaping and give it the look of thousand year old fresco paintings. You will study the old masters paintings and paint that same old world look into everything you do. "Old world" is probably one of the most used phrases today in design; come figure out what that really means.
Subjects to be covered (lecture)
Fresco History 1 hr

Theories of Fresco/Mural Painting 2 hrs

Maroflauge Installation 1 hr

Plaster/ Faux Fresco base application (Instructor Demo) 1 hr

Painting Initial Lines and Color Washes (Instructor Demo) 1 hr
Techniques to be covered (hands on)
Image Transferring 2 hrs

Painting/Glazing Figure- Flesh 6 hrs

Painting/Glazing Figure- Fabric 16 hrs

Background - Initial Patina 1 hr

Architectural Trompe L` oeil/Grisaille 8 hrs

Final Patina/Distressing-Watermarking 1 hr
Materials and tools required
Notebook w/ note taking Material

Camera (no video)

Waterborne Glazing and Painting Tools

Waterborne Artist Brushes

Tapered Trowel (4" x 9")

Sand paper (220 grit)
Sean Crosby
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