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217-C Faux Fabric

Next Class: Feb 19th-20th 2007; May 21st-22nd 2007; Aug 20th-21st 2007


Class description
217-C Faux Fabric Before we invented the printer and vinyl wallpaper, designers used to adhere hand painted fabric to walls. This created a look that was incredibly elegant. This type of wall covering is still available but very expensive. Having the ability to faux paint this effect is very lucrative. One could create an entire business around just this one style of faux painting. In this two-day class you will learn how to replicate various fabrics with paint. You will understand wallpaper, and faux fabric mediums. You will learn silk screening techniques, transferring, painting, glazing, and plastering techniques relevant to faux fabric. You will also learn antiquing and distressing techniques. You will perform hands on exercises to allow for development and refinement of the faux fabric technique.
Subjects to be covered (lecture)
Wall Paper and fabric history 1 hr
Principles of Applied Art 1 hr

Medium usage recap hr

Silk screening hr
Techniques to be covered (hands on)

Transferring 3 hrs

Painting 3 hrs

Glazing 2 hrs

Plastering 2 hrs

Antiquing and distressing 3 hrs
Materials and tools required


Oil and Waterborne Painting and Glazing tools

Oil and Waterborne Artist Brushes

Steel combs
André Martinez
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