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Faux Painting Business

Class title

229-F Business Protocol/Estimating

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Class description
229-F Business Protocol/Estimating Due to the unique nature of decorative painting and plastering, setting up a business structure that ensures success is crucial. In this one-day class, you learn how to write and implement business protocols. This includes how to bid, estimate jobs, materials, and expenses incurred on a job. Additionally, you will learn how to setup their contractual agreements that meet legal guidelines, protecting the client as well as the decorative painter. The course covers information about insurance and licensing. After this class, you will have a firm grasp of how to setup, maintain, and have a successful business model. By having a good understanding of why failures occur, you and your company can avoid the bad habits that adversely affect client relationships.
Subjects to be covered (lecture)
Business protocol 1 hr

Estimating Procedures 1 hr

Estimating excercises 6 hr
Techniques to be covered (hands on)
Estimating excercises 6 hr
Materials and tools required

André Martinez
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