221-F Oil Patina II : School of Applied Arts : Denver, CO
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221-F Oil Patina II

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Class description
221-F Oil Patina II In the world of decorative painting, sometimes you just need to see and experience the endless possibilities of color and movement to inspire you. In this one-day class you will learn many finish combinations and how to find inspiration on your own. Along with the advanced oil glazing techniques, you will learn and understand oil composition; painting with oil; glazing with oil; aging and distressing; wall glazing; multi-color glazing and color transitioning on the advanced level. Plus, you will conduct hands-on oil glazing exercises to develop and refine advanced oil glazing techniques.
Techniques to be covered (hands on)
Multi-color glazing 4 hr

Color transitioning
Materials and tools required


Oil based painting and glazing tools

Oil-based Artist Brushes
The Art of Faux by Pierre Finkelstein
André Martinez
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