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200-G The Principles of Applied Arts Orientation

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Class description
200-G The Principles of Applied Arts Orientation

In this class you will be shown the world of decorative painting as seen through the eyes of a master decorative painter. This class will provide you with a full perspective of our industry including how the successful decorative painters achieve their success. This class teaches you a proven system for building a successful business by providing you with illustrated learning tools that give you a full vision of your success right in front of you. All of the courses that follow this one use these learning materials to help keep you on track. You will also explore what a decorative painter makes in real dollars and what finishes your competitors are selling. This class starts your journey on the path of becoming a master in your field.


This orientation course sets students up for the lifelong study and practice of applied arts by walking you through the Support programs we have here at the school. We will log you in and show you how to use the Craftsman’s Handbook and the Alumni Forum giving you access to tools that no other school has in the country. You will be shown how to navigate to prewritten class notes and professional business paperwork like proposals, contracts, free faux painting recipes, and more.

Subjects to be covered (lecture)
Industry perspective 1 hr

The marketplace 1 hr

Business structures 1 hr

12 Steps to success ½ hr

The Principle of Applied Arts 3 hr

Setting the foundation for your business 1 hr

Mapping out success ½ hr
Materials and tools required

André Martinez
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