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Welcome to the School of Applied Arts

The School of Applied Arts builds programs for applied arts fields, utilizing the Principles of Applied Arts ä curriculum to prepare students for a successful career. Our programs connect practicing professionals with students, teaching the daily process of each applied artist. Students learn the essentials of what they need to know to start their own business and become successful in their chosen field.

Through the Post Secondary Education Initiative, the School of Applied Arts is launching a complete 2 year degreed program in decorative painting. Also available is the Foundations series, an adult education program compressed into 4 weeks of study, and over 100 individual classes.

Click on DECORATIVE PAINTING PROGRAM, for more information.

The School of Applied Arts aspires to build programs in other applied arts fields, expand to 4 year degreed programs and seeks funding for our Expansion Initiative.

If you are interested in helping the School of Applied Arts contact info@schoolofappliedarts.com or click here to donate online.


For more information about the school, click here.

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