Mural Painting Techniques, Faux painting techniques, Decorative Metal Finishing

The Principles of Applied Arts

Faux Painting Techniques

Come and experience the newest and most comprehensive curriculum built by the most successful decorative painters in the world. Designed to educate and inspire the practice of classical decorative painting at all levels, The Principles of Applied Arts curriculum includes mural painting techniques, decorative metal finishing & faux painting techniques; and it strives to equip aspiring decorative painters with the ability to create unique environments as a life long profession.

We teach decorative painting classes to aspiring professionals. Sign up for classes and get started today.

There are four levels to our curriculum:

Student     Apprentice     Journeyman     Craftsman

The learning tools used in our classes are like no other in the world. We teach a successful system for a decorative painters career.

Built by craftspeople for future craftspeople

Decorative Metal Finishing

The curriculum is built from the daily process of a decorative painter. We have built a visual system of understanding where your studies relate to your daily routine as a practitioner. These exciting ways to see the creative process eliminate the question of why and how a master decorative painter achieves success.

Built on:

Experience, Understanding, Support, Relationships, Tool knowledge, Innovation, Input, Industry knowledge, Medium understanding, Product knowledge, Practicality, Experienced instructors, Technology, Wisdom, Hard work, Ethics, Play, Passion, History, Collaboration, Success, and Freedom.

This curriculum has been designed to give you the vision of success right at the start and provide you with the instruction to build on your skill level.

Mural Painting Techniques

We teach you the method of translating emotional descriptors from your clients into physical form using the principles of applied art: color, texture, sheen, and movement. These principles are then applied to the tools, mediums, and techniques used by decorative painters past and present, to generate awe inspiring environments for people to live within.

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Instruction from other institutions may be eligible for application towards your studies.

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