faux marble technique instructions, faux wood graining, faux painting techniques online

About the Craftsman's Handbook

faux marble technique instructions

What is the Craftsmans Handbook?

The Craftsman's Handbook (CHB) is the world's first online dynamic decorative painting encyclopedia which offers faux marble technique instructions, faux wood graining & faux painting techniques online.

What is in it?

In the CHB there are innumerable pages of invaluable information relative to decorative painting and plastering. Contained within the book are things like: Book lists; Events calendars; hundreds of Industry links on the community portal; Information on subjects like wall glazing, preparation, Wood graining, Marbling; Also contained within are free recipes for decorative painting finishes (PAA classes are not about selling finish recipes- we gladly give that information away).

How does it work?

Simply log in and view all information via the index or search for the subjects you are looking to study. There is a random page feature that will take you to a new subject you have not seen before, opening your mind to new studies.

How does it grow?

Every day students and instructors from within the Principles of Applied Arts network of community schools add to the CHB contributing an endless amount of information to help us all. You too can become a contributor and affect the world of faux and decorative painting by simply adding a sentence to the CHB.

How can I gain access?

Sign up for the SAA PAA Alumni Program and gain access to this tool and the and the PAA Forum.

faux painting techniques online
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